Friday, May 21, 2021

What Goes Through Your Head In Those 30 Seconds Before You Commence Your Swim?

What goes through your head in those 30 seconds before you commence your swim, be it in the #swimmingpool or #openwater?

Is if fear? Fear about what? How you’ll feel? How you’ll perform? Whether it’s too cold? What’s swimming around you?

Or is it excitement? A crazy craving to get in and smash out a new PB? Maybe just to feel the exhilaration of being in the water? The opportunity and potential to get away from it all for a while?

Or is it concern? Worries that you should be doing something else? Maybe you should really be at work? Or with the kids? Whether you left the oven on?

Whatever goes through your head in those final 30 seconds just know that you’re about to experience the unique weightlessness and escapism that only swimming truly offers. Lean into that feeling. Go with the flow. Have purpose but also be flexible to new possibilities or to try a new drill for a change. Enjoy, but don’t force it. And remember in those first 30 seconds to just “bubble-bubble-breathe” and before you know it, whatever trepidation you may have felt in the 30 seconds before you hit the go switch and make your move, will soon be a distant memory anyway!

Swim Smooth!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

How To Teach Children To Swim Smoothly - We Need Your Support!

Swim Smooth Coach Gabriela Minarikova is Swim Smooth's specialist in kids coaching and has written a unique book How To Teach Children To Swim Smoothly.

This is a richly illustrated book, with rhymes and easy-to-understand descriptions of how every child can learn to swim fast, well, playfully and with enthusiasm. The book works as a practical guide for parents who want to teach their child to swim on their own.

This brilliant work is shortly to be translated into English, the only issue is that she needs your support to do that and to get in into print. Gabi is based in Prague and has been working on converting all of Swim Smooth's brilliant coaching methods from adult coaching to make them perfect for kids development in all four strokes.

Find out more about this exciting project here:

Also please support Gabi on her crowd funding page (in Czech but soon to be available in English):

Over to Gabi:

How did it begin?

My daughter is to blame for everything and my desire to indulge her in the best, lead her to swim, teach her to love water and move in the water smoothly, and as naturally as sea creatures. Teach her through play, yet very effectively. Not the way it was for me, a drill. I started writing a swimming instruction methodology for a swimming school and section. which I founded in 2013. Now our methodology of Swimming with Plavlo and Plavlína is ready and it wins the hearts of swimmers. Hundreds of children have already successfully passed our courses, and we have helped those whose parents thought they would never learn to swim again. Every day we see huge shifts of children in our courses, but unfortunately we also see parents trying to teach their children to swim on their own and in general, but they can't do it at all, or it could be better if they knew how to do it and respected a few simple principles. And about that, and for you this book is.

What is our goal?

We know that with this book we will help better swimming, we will help many parents, as well as fellow teachers and coaches, and especially children who sometimes suffer in the water, do not enjoy it, are even afraid of it. At the same time, I know that even such children can be water lovers and swimming champions. I really wish that as many children as possible could learn to swim in this friendly, respectful and very effective way that children enjoy, and at the moment, due to the closed swimming pools, schools and sections, it is not possible other than "self-taught".


Step by step, from easier to harder. Playfully and with the help of two little heroes Plavl and Plavlína, who love water so much that they are named after it. With stories, rhymes, pictures and captions that everyone can understand. This is a modern learning to swim, so that the child does not even know he is learning. Everything then goes smoothly and most importantly well. With our book, it will go smoothly for everyone. Impatience is a big mistake for inexperienced parents and swimming teachers. It's enough for the baby to swim and that's why it's not possible. It is enough that every child is an excellent swimmer.

Really from everyone 😊! It is enough not to skip the eight basic rules. To learn to love water, to live with it perfectly, to be a friend with it who can get into it safely and sound climbing. Breathe properly in the water, move in all directions, lie on it and let yourself float. Jump, dive, orient yourself below the surface, stroke the water and have the feeling to grab it. Only then start with the first swimming shots.

... and something more

Believe me, I drowned myself once, when I was 4 years old. Fortunately, everything turned out well and water is an inseparable friend for me.

Who we are?

I'm mainly a mom, but I'm also a 1st class swimming coach, a 1st class medical swimming instructor, a licensed Swim Smooth coach associating a worldwide network of coaches, the founder of the swimming school of the same name and the section where I work as chairwoman and head coach. I am still an active swimmer and athlete. I participated in the Czech Swimming Championships in the student category and the World Championships in the Masters category. I love water, I love training and I love working with children. I like to do everything meaningfully. and most importantly the best I can :)!

Why are we doing this?

With your support, this book, a guide for every good parent, can see the light, and I really thank you very much for your contribution. We have already tried to publish the book through reputable publishers, but unfortunately we have encountered such unacceptable requirements that we have decided to go the route of our own publication and ask you for a contribution to the direct costs associated with the publication. We do not include the author's fee.