Thursday, November 19, 2020

Improve Your Swimming With Five Of Our Best YouTube Videos

Whether you are in lockdown or not, there's never a bad time to learn something new and improve your understanding of swimming.

With that in mind we've delved into our YouTube archives over the last 10 years and pulled out five classic videos that you might have missed the first time around. Need advice, a good visual or motivation? Tune right in:

Is Your Elbow Really Dropped Or Is It Just That Your Hand Is Too High?

Tried to improve your catch but struggled to make any progress? Maybe you're thinking about it in the wrong way - Swim Smooth Head Coach Paul Newsome explains all.

Swimming Technique: Jodie Swallow World Triathlon Champion

One of our oldest clips dating back to 2009, check out the epic stroke of Triathlon World Champion Jodie Swallow. Yes the footage is low-definition but the stroke is high revving and full of energy. Do you need a bit of Jodie's style in your own stroke?

Anna-Karin Turns To The Dark Side

Beautifully shot in open water, check out Swim Smooth Coach Anna Karin's silky smooth Swinger style. You may not like the idea of lifting high over the water, shortening your stroke and upping your stroke rate but AK shows us that it can be done with elegance and style.

The Amazing Stephanie Dixon

In need of some Swimspiration? Meet the amazing Stephanie Dixon, 19-time Paralympic swimming champion! Here we feature our exclusive close-up footage of Stephanie's stroke taken at our 3 Day Coaching Course at Nike World HQ.

Swimmers Going Off Course

Why is it some important to work on swimming straight in open water? All we needed to film a bit of footage at the beach and speed it up.

Swim Smooth!

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