Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Understanding Wetsuit Buoyancy Profiles

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HUUB wetsuits come in three major buoyancy profiles and it's important you choose the right one for you, for maximum comfort, stability and of course speed.

These buoyancy profiles are labelled 3:3, 4:4 and 3:5. But what do these numbers mean and which is right for you?

The numbers refer to the thickness of the main areas of neoprene: 3 = 3mm (that's thin for a wetsuit), 4 = 4mm and 5 (you guessed it) = 5mm, the maximum legal thickness in triathlon.

The first number refers to the upper body of the wetsuit and the second the lower body. So 3:5 means 3mm in the upper body and 5mm in the lower.

Obviously more thickness means more buoyancy but where that buoyancy is placed is super important:

The Sinky Legged Swimmer

If you have sinky legs (as many men and some women do) then you obviously want to lift your legs up as high as possible with your wetsuit to minimise drag.

Maximum buoyancy all over then? Actually, no! You want maximum buoyancy in the legs (5mm) but minimum buoyancy in the chest (3mm) because your body acts a bit like a see-saw in the water. Bring your front end down with less buoyancy in the chest and that brings your legs up even more to reduce drag further.

Of course having nice thin material in the upper body also gives maximum flexibility for shoulder and upper back movement - peachy.

Recommended profile: 3:5
Suits: HUUB Brownlee Agilis 3:5   HUUB Varman 3:5   HUUB Aegis II 3:5

The Naturally Buoyant Female Swimmer

Most women have great natural body positions in the water, sitting nice and high with the legs near the surface. If this is you, you might actually dislike swimming in a wetsuit because it makes you feel unstable, awkward and unable to use your kick as you'd like to.

That happens because a high buoyancy wetsuit lifts you too high in the water, leading to instability and causing you to kick into thin air! This is further exacerbated in the ocean where the extra buoyancy from the salt water lifts you even higher.

The solution here is to make the whole suit from 3mm neoprene - a low level of buoyancy overall which allows you to sit in a natural position in the water. The difference is remarkable and the thinner suit keeps you looking slim, is super comfortable and easy to get on and off too - smooth!

Recommended profile: 3:3
Suits:  HUUB Aegis III 3:3  HUUB Brownlee Agilis Womens

The Neutral Male Swimmer

Many experienced swimmers have good body positions in the water but could still benefit from a small lift at both the back and front to bring their drag down a smidgen. Those with a competitive swimming background normally fall into this bracket.

If this is you, 4mm in both the upper and lower body is a nice compromise. It allows you to retain a natural feeling when you swim and if you like to engage your kick you can do that cleanly too. If you've never swum in a wetsuit before you'll be amazed at the extra performance a great suit can bring.

Recommended profile: 4:4
Suits: HUUB Brownlee Agilis 4:4 

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