Friday, April 17, 2020

Our BRAND NEW Dryland Cords Sequence On The Swim Smooth Guru

During the current global situation we need to be creative and adapt the service that we offer to better suit your current situation. Many of our Swim Smooth coaches around the world are experimenting with different ways to deliver squad sessions and catch up with their members away from the pool deck. These include coffee mornings, happy hours and dryland training sessions - all virtual of course!

Jana Oosthuizen - Swim Smooth Johannesburg

Our Swim Smooth Johannesburg coach Jana Oosthuizen has developed a Dry-land Stretch Cords Sequence for the Swim Smooth Guru to develop shoulder strength and stabilisation whilst you are out of the water. There are 54 exercises in total split into 8 sections, each section has a 5-8 minute video to accompany it.

Not only do these exercises build strength but they will improve the stability and mobility of your shoulders which will in turn improve your stroke technique. They will keep your swimming muscles and nervous system nicely activated and ready for use on your return to the pool.

Click here to get started with these exercises here (Guru subscription required).

The Cheat Sheet for Dry-land Stretch Cords Sequence

Here's some of the feedback that Jana's received on the sessions from her own squad swimmers:

“These dryland exercises are great in identifying where the weakness in certain muscles are. Mine is definitely external rotation. With the dryland cords one can really concentrate on the positioning of the hands, arms and shoulders which isn’t also easy to do in a pool.” - Lewellyn

“So who would have thought swimming with no pool is possible ...ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...
We have soooo enjoyed our squad training outside the pool ... it's tested our muscles ... joined our squad together in isolation and above all made us hungry to swim ... LOVED the muscle burn.” - Candy

“Jana’s land-based sessions came at a time when pools were closing in SA, and they quickly and effectively filled the space this created. The sessions are dynamic, challenging, and your muscles remind you for at least two days after. Swimming muscles all beings thoroughly worked as is evident when one goes into the pool for one of her stationary swim sets. The program is quick, and varied, so keeps it interesting, and improvements are noticed weekly which keeps it motivating. Brilliant work Jana!” - Thomas

Jana's swimmers completing the Doggy Paddle drill using the stretch-cords...

... and giving the session marks out of 10 afterwards!

As well as being a Swim Smooth Coach, Jana is a fully qualified physiotherapist in South Africa. She obtained her Physiotherapy degree, Cum Laude, from the University of Pretoria in 2009 and completed her Orthopaedic Manipulation Therapy (OMT) 1 Certificate during 2011. She qualified as a Certified Swim Smooth Coach in July 2017 and is super passionate about swimming and helping people of all abilities swim better.

When all the pools in South Africa closed, Jana wanted to develop a Swimming Specific Dryland Cord Exercise Program for not only her squad swimmers but also our Swim Smooth Guru Users. It has been an absolute pleasure for Jana to design this programme, knowing that all the Swim Smooth squads & fans around the world will benefit from her exercises!

Check out the full program in the Guru here:

Swim Smooth! 

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