Friday, March 20, 2020

Are You Swimming In ISOLATION? You Need 30% Off The Guru!

We know that most of you around the world are having your local pools shut and many of you are entering periods of self quarantine. As you're aware we're trying to do our bit to help you with an ongoing stream of interesting and stimulating materials and exercises during the lock down period.

BUT some of you are lucky enough to have access to your own private pool at home or your apartment block that you might well be able to continue to swim in. Previously you might have been swimming with a club or squad but have now had to start swimming in isolation - not an easy proposition from the perspective of motivation or training structure.

Fortunately that's where Swim Smooth's online coaching platform, The Guru really comes into its own. It's designed for people who swim by themselves, providing you with structured training plans, all the drills and methods you need to improve your stroke technique, and detailed feedback on your progress:

And if you're swimming in an endless pool there's a whole section on how to maximise Swim Smooth coaching in your flume:

We also know that many of you are facing financial challenges at this time, so with that in mind we are offering you 30% off an Annual Guru PRO level subscription:

To make the most of this time limited special offer, please create an account here:

Or if you are a standard user, or have previously had a Guru account, sign-in and go here:

And then use promo code 88FS-RN9N to get 30% off 3 months PRO subscription or 25% off an annual PRO subscription.

Just reply to this email if you have any problems with that process.

Swimming isolation? Let the Guru guide you!

Take care everyone - we'll be back in contact soon,

Swim Smooth!

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