Friday, February 21, 2020

SS Podcast Episode 20 / Apply Now: May 2020 Coach Ed Course - Mallorca Spain

** Coaches: Interested in attending our 3 Day Coach Ed course in Mallorca? See full info below. **

Episode 20: Tom Gregory - youngest ever English Channel Swimmer (at just 11yrs old!)

We are back with Season 2 of the Swim Smooth podcast and boy-o-boy do we have a great show for you! Have you ever thought about swimming the English Channel? The busiest shipping lane in the world; typically 14-17 degrees celsius and non-wetsuit over a distance that frequently extends to 50km due to the current and tides that prevail in this stretch of water? Yes, no, maybe? Now, imagine taking on this adventure in the middle of the night at the age of 11 years old. Well, that is exactly what our guest did way back in September 1988 to set the world record at the age of 11 years and 333 days! Totally amazing - please welcome Tom Gregory to the show!

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Apply Now: May 2020 Coach Ed Course - Mallorca Spain

Swim Smooth are very pleased to announce that Head Coach Paul Newsome and the Swim Smooth team will be running our famous 3 Day Coach Education Course in Mallorca in May.

We are now taking applications for:

21-23 May 2020, Best Centre, Mallorca

Are you as passionate about swim coaching as we are? Are you keen to develop your video analysis and stroke correction skills? Would like to understand effective training for distance swimming? Or perhaps you have ambitions to go on and become one of the next generation of Swim Smooth Certified Coaches?

Since we ran our first 3-day Coach Education Course in Birmingham in June 2010 we've had over 520 international coaches complete the course from over 3,000 applicants.

This will be the only course in Europe this year so don't hesitate to apply!

Mallorca: The Class Of 2018
Such is the demand that getting onto the course is not easy but those who are successful epitomise what Swim Smooth is all about - you don't necessarily need to be the most experienced coach to be offered a spot, but you do need to show us your passion, commitment and the purpose to your coaching.

Day 3 is practical day. Your chance to get stuck in and
practise what you have learnt in a live clinic situation.

So what's stopping you? Apply now and get started on your path to better swim coaching!

"Just" A Swimmer? Make Sure You Choose A Certified Swim Smooth Coach!

See yourself like never before: Underwater video
analysis is a key part of every SS Coach's service
As you can see above, we spend a huge amount of effort selecting and training Swim Smooth Coaches. We do that because we know you can't fake it in swim coaching - you need the right knowledge, expertise and experience to help swimmers of all abilities reach their true potential in the water.

So whether you need some help improving your effectiveness and speed with video analysis or are looking to join a fantastic training squad in your area, make sure you choose a Certified Swim Smooth Coach - only they are fully trained by us to transform your swimming.

Find your nearest here:

A big welcome to Swim Smooth!

Swim Smooth!

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