Saturday, May 25, 2019

Do You Love The Smell Of Chlorine In The Morning?

Here's a quick fact that may surprise you:

Despite training consistently and diligently, less than half the swimmers in the Swim Smooth Squads in Perth race competitively, either in the pool or open water:

It's not easy getting to the pool at 5:30am in winter for a hard 4km set and yet they do:

These guys don't need a specific goal to motivate themselves, they just enjoy being in the water and swimming with their friends in a structured, fun environment:

That doesn't mean they don't train hard, in fact they train incredibly hard and are all achieving a high level of swimming.

Sure it's great to keep fit and healthy through the great sport of swimming but actually for these swimmers it goes much bigger than that. It's time out from the daily pressures of work and supporting the family for a while. In short, swimming "keeps them sane".

If you recognise yourself in this bracket then kudos from us to you - you are the real passionate swimmers who do the sport because you love it and it's where you want to be.

Let's keep smelling that chlorine and doing what we love!

Swim Smooth!

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