Thursday, August 09, 2018

More Before & After Case Studies! Arnies, Bambinos and Smooths

Thanks for all your replies, comments, posts and tweets about last week's before-and-after videos of swimmers coached by SS coaches. According to the blog stats is was our most read blog this year with over 250,000 opens!

So popular was the post that we thought we would share with you some more in depth before-and-after case studies by our Head Coach Paul Newsome. Each is around 5-7 minutes long and examines a classic swimmer of each Swim Type.

Recognise yourself and start working on the things that Paul discusses in each clip - enjoy! :

Charles - The Classic Arnie

Arnies are naturally athletic people and tend to have a strong build with plenty of strength and power. For that reason they often come from a team sport background (e.g. rugby, football) or from an environment where they can use that strength - e.g. weight lifting.

Confident with land based sports they tend to struggle much more with swimming - all that lean muscle mass causes a low body position and a lack of flexibility introduces stroke faults such as crossovers.

So are Arnies a lost cause when it comes to swimming? Anything but! With their natural athleticism they stand to improve more than any other Swim Type if they can address what is (individually) holding them back.

Watch Paul review Charles' progress in the water:

Want to improve your swimming like Charles? Follow our full Arnie stroke correction process with a Guru PRO subscription here:

It's called "Taming the Arnie" - let's go!

Mel - The Classic Bambino

At first sight Bambinos can look like Arnies with their low lying legs and their tendency to lift the head clear of the water to breathe. However they are a very different type of swimmer.

Normally without a significant sporting background (although we do quite often meet Bambinos with running backgrounds) the fundamental problem with their stroke is a lack of feel for the water and poor timing.

Find out more as we watch Paul assess Mel's improvements in her before-and-after analysis:

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We call it "Boosting The Bambino" - does your swimming need a boost?

The Classic Smooth

EVERYBODY wants to be Smooth but what is it really like? Are their strokes really perfect with nothing to work on?

Actually although Smooths can look perfect at first sight there are several common flaws that creep into their strokes over time. They may also need to make a few minor tweaks here and there to reach their potential in open water.

Paul shows us when, how and why:

Are you a Smooth yourself? Let's tune-up those aspects of your own swimming get you pumped up and enjoying your swimming again with our full "Motivated The Smooth" process in the PRO Guru:

On the blog next Friday we'll look at some more examples of the remaining three Swim Types - Kicktastic, Overglider and Swinger.

You can find out further information and diagnose your own Swim Type on our dedicated micro-site here:

Swim Smooth!

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