Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Open Water Season Is About To Arrive - Book In For A Session Now

If you live in Europe you will have noticed that the weather just decided to skip spring and go straight from winter to summer! You might have thought your first open water swim of the year was many weeks away but at this rate it could be just a day or two. :)

Open water temperatures (particularly in lakes and rivers) rise very quickly during a warm spell like this so why not change your plans for the weekend and hit your local open water venue?

Beautiful Lake Windermere in the UK - home of Swim Smooth Coach Emma Brunning

Swim Smooth coaches are perhaps most famous for their brilliant video analysis and stroke correction skills but they are all also highly trained open water coaches, fully equipped to develop your open water skills. Find your local coach here:

Most of our coaches around the world run open water sessions during the summer months and in the northern hemisphere those venues are opening up now. Key sessions training sessions they operate include:

- Introduction sessions for beginners to get you relaxed, comfortable and safe swimming in open water for the first time. Building up your confidence and laying down a good skills foundation are the key goals. Perfect for anyone looking to enjoy swimming outdoors for the first time or perhaps racing their first open water swim or triathlon.

Don't forget to pack your sunscreen!

- Skills development sessions for swimmers who have swum in open water before but would like to improve their confidence and improve their performance. Starts, turns, swimming straight, navigation and drafting are on the hit list here.

A coached group session is a super-effective way to develop those key skills and improve your confidence.

- Adapting your stroke to the open water. Swim confidently in the pool but struggle in open water? It could be your stroke. Your Swim Smooth coach will work with you to make some relatively small changes to dramatically improve your open water comfort and speed. This advice will depend on your individual swimming so make sure you get that key input specific to you. This can be done within a group session or an open-water skills 1to1.

Swim Smooth Coaches swimming in the Swan River during their training in Perth, Western Australia. See the full footage here:

So get booked up now - the warm weather is coming after all! See a full list of Swim Smooth Coaches here, get in contact with yours today and let's hit the open water :

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