Friday, December 15, 2017

A Session To Swim Over The Christmas Holidays

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Here's a nice swim session for you to try some time over the Christmas period.

It's session 124 from our Virtual Squad in the Swim Smooth Guru and is a good mix of technique focusing on your breathing and aerobic endurance to work both on your stroke and fitness in one session.

We recommend you use a Finis Tempo Trainer Pro to keep you moving through the swims at a good pace. We are going to set the Tempo Trainer to beep once per 50m (or yards) but at a deliberately slow pace for you so that you can easily get ahead of it. When you finish each swim wait for it to catch up and then set off for the next swim. We call this mode of use "beating the beeper" and it's a really simple way of swimming a session on a fixed turn-around time.

If you are a Guru PRO subscriber just visit the session here to receive your beeper settings for the session:

To calculate the beeper times manually, first you must know your CSS pace per 100m. Now halve this number (we're going to beep every 50m) and add on the RM Cycle number below. So if your CSS pace is 1:50 per 100m, half is 55 seconds. For RM Cycle 4 that gives a beeper setting of 59 seconds. Put the Tempo Trainer Pro in mode 2, adjust to 0:59 and away you go! You can press both bottom buttons together at any time to restart the timer.

If you are lucky you might even have a coach handy to adjust your beeper for you!

Your Christmas Session: Set A World Record??

Notice as you go through the session that the RM Cycle increases by one each time - so just slip the Tempo Trainer out from under your cap, add 1 to the setting and put it back.

You will need a Tempo Trainer Pro, some fins (flippers) and a pair of paddles (ideally Finis Agility or Freestyler paddles):

5x 200 RM Cycle 3
1, 3 and 5: freestyle ↑B3's ↓B5's
2 and 4: fins B7's

4x 200 on RM Cycle 4
1 and 3: freestyle breathing least favourite side
2 and 4: pull buoy and single paddle (#2 paddle left hand / breathe right) (#4 paddle R / breathe L)

3x 200 on RM Cycle 5
1 and 3: freestyle B5's
2: fins - FAST!

2x 200 on RM Cycle 6
1. freestyle B7's
2. pull buoy and paddles - FAST!

1x 200 freestyle - no beeper - SET A WORLD RECORD?!!

Bonus swim:

1x 200 Individual Medley (50 fly + 50 back + 50 breast + 50 free)

B#'s means breathe every # strokes

Total distance: 3200m/yds

Here's the session on the Perth squad board:

Swim Smooth!

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