Thursday, September 14, 2017

Do You Swim For Cake?

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Do you swim for cake? You know - not too seriously but to keep fit, active, have some fun and burn a few calories to earn a nice slice of madeira or a perfectly formed petit four?

Swim Smooth Prague cake!

We know a lot of you do. In fact despite swimming in an apparently competitive environment, many members of the Swim Smooth squad in Perth also swim for cake:

Of course these guys want to be good swimmers, but they...

- Rarely (if ever) race.
- Love the social side and camaraderie of swimming in a group.
- Don't stress about training, they just turn up and give everything a good shot without worrying too much about the outcome.
- Aren't too fussed about their exact times or if somebody else is quicker than them.
- Can normally be found in the cafe after training, in fact here they are now with Paul Newsome's birthday cake on Wednesday:

Official squad statistics (which we've added in below for your reference) tell us that 56% of the squad just swim for fun and fitness.

Despite this light hearted approach these guys are all great swimmers - in fact some are brilliant!

If you are a competitive type who is fixated on getting the very best out of yourself you might actually be better off trying to lighten up and swim for cake for a while... perhaps it goes against the grain for you but you might be surprised at the results of taking a slightly more relaxed approach...

Yes it's our Perth squad box in cake form! end up loving what you do, for the sake of doing it. You might well end up swimming more often, having more energy for it and noticing some things you blocked out with those competitive blinkers.

Don't underestimate what cake can do for your swimming.

Swim Smooth!

Here's those Swim Smooth Perth Squad statistics:

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