Friday, May 19, 2017

What's Wrong With This Animated Swimmer? & HUUB Sphere Shorts Now On Sale!

Back in June last year, together with our partners at HUUB Design, we released the 3/4 length HUUB Kickpant. If you purchased a pair we're sure you're loving swimming in them. Not only do they keep your legs high in the water (simulating wetsuit swimming) but with their unique design features they also allow you to kick naturally while actively promoting your legs into a straighter position.

BUT we've heard from some swimmers who would prefer a conventional jammer-length buoyancy short and so we have developed the new HUUB Sphere buoyancy short:

As they are cut above the knee, the Sphere shorts obviously don't contain the active knee of the full Kickpant but they do still feature the X-O Skeleton stiffening system for improved kick alignment and contain full NBR panels for much greater buoyancy than a conventional neoprene short.

We have the new Sphere shorts in stock and on sale on our website here:

Start simulating wetsuit swimming - whilst kicking naturally - in the pool today!

What's Wrong With This Animated Swimmer??

If you've been hanging out on any swimming groups on facebook recently, you might have seen this animated swimmer:

Without being rude, your first impression is probably that he's a little jerky compared to our own Mr Smooth freestyle visualisation (available as a free app on our website)! Aside from the jerkiness, the animation contains a number of elements which you definitely don't want to copy in your own swimming - in fact they might even give you a nasty shoulder or elbow injury as a result.

Our Head Coach Paul Newsome explored the pitfalls of this animation during a recently video analysis session of a very Smooth swimmer Christopher ### which you can watch in full here:

As you'd expect from someone with a significant swimming background, Christopher has a very nice stroke but has a few elements to tidy up in his stroke.

Although quite long, this is a great video to watch through as Paul explores good catch and pull technique - there's plenty to gain for your own swimming here including tips on how to tune up your own catch and pull technique.

##paul did you want to add anything else?##

Swim Smooth!

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