Thursday, April 27, 2017

Marlin Special Pre-Order Price Ends Midnight! (And One Place Left on SS Mallorca Clinic)

First up, we have one place (yes just one) left on Swim Smooth's Mallorca Clinic on May 27th at The BEST Centre, Colonia Sant Jordi! This is an extremely rare chance to have your swimming analysed and corrected by SS Head Coach Paul Newsome himself.

Snap up the place for yourself here:

Platysens Marlin Special Pre-Order Ends Midnight Tonight!

If you haven't heard about the new Platysens Marlin swim meter, where have you been the last few months?!

The Marlin is a next generation swimming tool, not only recording your session like a swimming watch but speaking to you whilst you swim, giving you feedback on your stroke, talking you through training plans and guiding you to swim straight in open water.

What's more, we're integrating the Marlin with The Swim Smooth Guru meaning Guru subscribers can transfer Guru training session to the Marlin to follow, and upload your recorded swim back to the Guru for Swim Smooth analysis. Truly "closing the loop" on your swim training!

The Marlin launches at the end of May and the special 12% off pre-order price ends at midnight tonight.

The Marlin uses bone conduction technology to give you spoken feedback whilst you swim.

Order today or miss out on the special pre-order price:

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