Friday, December 29, 2017

ISO - The Brilliant New Paddle From Finis

You might have missed it in the pre-Christmas rush but Finis have just launched a brand new paddle design that is completely unique.

Called the ISO paddle its unique design places an uneven left to right load on your hand forcing you to stabilise and control the paddle as you catch and pull. This isolates key muscle groups which you might not be utilising properly during your stroke:

Worn with the black paddle on your right hand and yellow on your left isolates your bicep and pectorial muscles. Swap them around and the ISO paddle isolates your lat and tricep groups.

Just like the Finis Freestyler and Agility paddles (more on them below) the ISO is not a strength paddle. Yes it provides some increased resistance through your catch and pull but it is primarily a technique paddle. Over a period of time swimming with the paddles in both orientations helps you develop a good pull pathway and utilise the right muscle groups at the right time.

Watch Paul's introduction to the ISO paddle in this video:

You can purchase your pair of ISOs in the Swim Smooth shop here:

The ISO Paddle Versus Other Finis Paddles

If you have been following Swim Smooth for a while then you will know that we are big fans of Finis paddles, particularly the Freestyler and the Agility paddles. Both are technique paddles and have very specific purposes we've outlined below.

The ISO adds something additional to the range. If you have benefitted from using the Agility or Freestyler paddles in the past you'll love the ISOs - they will challenge you and give you a new sense of proprioception during your catch and pull.

Here's our overview chart:

PaddleSwimmer AbilityPurpose Of Paddle
finis freestyler paddleFinis Freestyler PaddleBeginner
Gives feedback on the position and angle of your hand to help remove crossovers and improve your catch setup at the front of the stroke.
finis agility paddleFinis Agility PaddleIntermediate
For traditional resistance work but with positive pressure required on the paddle at all times. Natural hand position and low finger stress.
finis iso paddleFinis ISO PaddleIntermediate
Encourages swimmers to pay increased attention to hand position in the water, keeping it level and consistent throughout the catch and pull of each stroke.

The ISO paddle is one of those designs that makes you think "damn why didn't I think of that?". A fantastic non-symetrical idea beautifully executed. Find out more and purchase in our shop here:

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