Friday, November 11, 2016

This Is Your Time (Don’t Waste It)

Swim Smooth’s Paul Newsome and Adam Young are in the USA right now, working with local coaches to improve their coaching skills and grow our network of Swim Smooth coaches to serve this great country in the future. Last weekend we completed our three day course in Carlsbad, Southern California with 18 coaches attending:

And we're kicking off our Florida course at Cocoa Beach with 18 more today.

Whilst the US is always an inspiring place to visit with its generous and entrepreneurial spirit, we're particularly excited about how well we’ve been received and how much interest there is in SS coaching from swimmers and coaches alike. Our goal is to do this enthusiasm justice and make a real difference to the quality of Swim Coaching in North America. In a nutshell it feels like our time.

Is this your time too? Do you have access to a pool or open water venue and enjoy your swimming? Do you dare to dream about achieving your first mile swim, or your first 10km or perhaps just want to get faster and more efficient?

Swimming is a fantastic sport that builds your health, your fitness and your self-esteem in all the right ways. If you have a little time to train then don't miss your opportunity to hit your goals and achieve your dreams. Life can change quickly so grasp your opportunity with both hands!

We’re determined not to miss our opportunity in North America - this is our time - is it yours too?

Swim Smooth!

PS. If you're interested in becoming a Certified Swim Smooth Coach (wherever you are in the world) start here:

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