Thursday, November 03, 2016

Can We Identify Your Swim Type In Just 5 Seconds?

Just for a bit of fun, let’s see if we can identify your Swim Type in just 5 seconds (without even seeing you swim).

Just read and answer this question to yourself without reading further ahead in this post:

What would you say is holding your swimming back?

The 6 Swim Types

- If you simply thought “Technique” then it’s very likely you’re an Arnie.

- If you said “It's just so complicated and there’s so much to think about” then we fancy you are a Bambino.

- “I only have one pace or I’m always out of breath” then odds are you're a Kicktastic.

- Still making an extensive list? Too easy: Overglider!!

- “Maybe I need a better kick” - perhaps a Swinger?

- If you just said “more motivation to train” then you could well be a Smooth.

Did we get you right?

About Swim Types

The Swim Type system is a simple but powerful way to identify what is holding you back in the water and work on your weaknesses. Identify your Swim Type from the six classic profiles (covering all levels of swimmer from beginner to elite) and use the Swim Smooth Guru or the Swim Type Guide downloads to improve your individual swimming step by step.

One of the fascinating aspects of Swim Types is how each type tends to have different personality traits - which is why we know each tends to see the swimming from a certain angle, giving the answers above.

Not sure which you are? Take a read of each of the profiles and use the questionnaire at to discover your type.

Swim Smooth!

Swim Smooth Clinics and Camps:

United Kingdom
Swindon SS Squad Felixstowe Video Analysis Acton London Video Analysis
Cardiff Video Analysis Clinic NEW High Wycombe Squad Starts 15th Sep (Free taster session) Reading/Abingdon Video Analysis Gift Vouchers
Northampton Video Analysis Clinic Yorkshire Squads (Pool & OW) Yorkshire Video Analysis
West Lothian Video Analysis Richmond SS Squad Richmond / Wimbledon Workshops
Salisbury 1to1 Analysis Twickenham Video Analysis Lancaster SS Squad
Swindon/Cotswolds Video Analysis Lancaster Video Analysis Northampton Swim Squad
SS Clinics Cheltenham/Millfield

Training Camp Cordoba Spain Prague Junior Swim Club Dublin Video Analysis
Prague Video Analysis Swim/Tri Camps Alicante (English language) Nijmegen Video Analysis & Stroke Correction
Nijmegen SS Squads Zwevegem Video Analysis (English - Dutch) Prague Junior Swim Club
1 Day Clinic Stockholm (English language) SS Camp Lanzarote (English - Dutch)

Kuala Lumpur Swim Squad SS 1 Day Clinic South Carolina, Oct 30th Montreal Squads
Montreal Video Analysis Hong Kong Video Analysis Hong Kong Squads & Video Analysis
Dubai Video Analysis NYC / SC Video Analysis Montreal Clinic (French Language), Oct 22nd
Kuala Lumpur Video Analysis

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