Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Big Thank You From Level Water!

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If you live in the UK you may remember back in February that we posted about Level Water - Getting Disabled Kids Swimming, looking for some tough swimmers to take on the River Dart 10K swim on September 3rd and raise money for this special charity!

Not only did 21 Swim Smooth swimmers sign up but you guys were fast in the water and epic fundraisers! In fact the top fundraiser was from Swim Smooth, he now holds a 1hr58 PB for 10,000m too (just don’t tell anyone it was downstream!)

Level Water had a total of 130 swimmers in the event and between them they've raised £45,000. Swim Smooth swimmers alone have raised over £8,000 - fantastic!

It was truly an amazing weekend; a great event, one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the UK and a proper festival at the end. We handed out 230 litres of hot chocolate (!) and we were deeply jealous not to join you all sipping champagne in the hot tubs – swimmers only! We also managed to rope in a masseur who was so popular that we promise to find at least four of them next year.

Level Water currently teaches 300 disabled children each week in 30 cities across the UK. From this event alone we'll be able to teach another 100 disabled children to swim, then help them join mainstream group lessons and go on to competitive clubs.

For more information about our work see: 

If you’d like to contact us, you can email

Thanks again for your support, and we invite everyone to join us (with half-price tickets and guaranteed entry) again next year!

Ian Thwaites
Level Water - Getting Disabled Kids Swimming 

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