Thursday, July 21, 2016

The "Press-Stud" Visualisation

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We've just released a video onto Youtube describing a new Swim Smooth visualisation to help improve your arm recovery over the surface of the water. If you have quite poor posture and feel your arms are coming more around the side than over the top when you swim then this for you!

The Press Stud Visualisation

The next time you swim, think about how your shoulder blade might be lifting away from your back as your shoulder rolls forwards. Imagine you have Press-Stud (also known as a clothes popper or snap fastener) attached on one side to your shoulder blade and on the other side to your back:
As your arm recovers over the surface of the water, visualise retracting your shoulder blade down towards your back by clipping the stud together. This will improve your posture and help the arm recover higher over the water.

Paul explains more:

A higher arm recovery means less chance of the hand catching on the surface and makes it less likely to cross the centre line in front of your head as you enter into the water. Your roll should also be improved as the improved posture helps drives your rotation through the water along the long axis of your spine.

Swim Smooth!

More elite swimmers to study in the Swim Smooth Guru:

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