Thursday, July 14, 2016

Calculating Swimming Training Stress Score And Tracking Your Swim Fitness

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We've just released a new video by our Head Coach Paul Newsome explaining how to use the Swim Smooth Guru to track your swimming fitness as you train and make intelligent choices about when to train, how much to train and when you just need to put your feet up and take a good solid rest!

If you've used a fitness model with a power meter on the bike this is a very similar concept. For every swim session that you tick off from a Guru training plan or enter manually, the system calculates a single number representing the training value of that session - "Swimming Training Stress Score" or sTSS for short*.

The Guru then analyses all your training to model your fitness and fatigue levels over time, allowing you to see what training is making the difference, how to improve versus previous years and when you are over-training:

Watch as Paul explains all in his excellent video:

The Swim Smooth Guru

The Guru is our intelligent coaching system to improve all aspects of your swimming from stroke correction to training plans to open water and racing skills. The Fitness Tracker (you can find it here in the Guru) is just one of many powerful features within the training area of the system.

You need a PRO license to use the Fitness Tracker and sTSS calculator. Signup today without any tie-in at:

If you are a Standard version subscriber you can change to PRO here:

Swim Smooth!

* If you are a Training Peaks user you can enter Guru sTSS figures straight into Training Peaks

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