Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are You Letting Yourself Win?

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Triathletes and open water swimmers are often split into two categories, those looking to compete and those who just want to complete.

"Completers" love setting themselves a challenge which feels a little scary but creates a real buzz of excitement at the same time. They use that heady mix of fear and excitement for motivation to train to get fit for the big day. They try to fit training and racing in around their normal life and see their chosen sport as just that - part of a bigger life.

"Competers" on the other hand are all about performance. Just finishing an event isn't enough, it's about where they place and improving on their previous performances. They train hard and can't help but get a little obsessed about how things are going; rather than fitting training around their lives, they end up fitting life around their training.

Unfortunately Competers often look down on Completers thinking "If you just trained harder and believed in yourself a bit more, you could be so much faster than you are". And whilst that's undoubtably true, would getting more focused ultimately make them happier?

The thing is Completers are very good at something that Competers are very bad at: letting themselves win. They set a challenging goal but something that is achievable and feel great when they reach that goal.

Love what you do and celebrate before you even start!

Competers on the other hand tend to set their goals just out of reach so they rarely hit them. Rather than taking satisfaction from training hard and doing their best, they judge themselves and their self worth from their pure performance. "I was 2 seconds per 100m slower than I should be" or "If I hadn't got that injury I could be winning my age group".

So if you are one of those competitive types, take a leaf out of the Completers book and occasionally give yourself a pat on the back, taking satisfaction from doing your best. Not your best as in the best you ever could be if you didn't have a job and never got sick and all the stars aligned on race day... but your best given your husband doesn't understand and you had to go on that work trip and there was a howling gale blowing on race day.

In a nutshell - let it go and let yourself win occasionally.

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Friday, June 17, 2016

ÖTILLÖ Isles Of Scilly & HUUB Kickpant Free Worldwide Shipping Ends Today

##Coaches, I will update and add your links tomorrow before this goes out - sorry ran out of time tonight - Adam##

We've started hearing from many of you who have purchased a Kickpant and have started integrating it into your training - and are simply amazed how fast you are swimming them. We've heard from several of you who normally swim in the slowest lane of your squad but have jumped up to the front of lane 3 swimming in the Kickpant!

Buy yours here:

Also, checkout the new video filmed on Tuesday in Mallorca where where SS Head Coach Paul Newsome looks at Uber-cyclist turned triathlete Kevin Dawson using them and discusses how they feel and how to integrate them into his training:

ÖTILLÖ Scilly Isles

As we speak, Paul Newsome is travelling to the beautiful Isles of Scilly for the amazing ÖTILLÖ race on Saturday. This (slightly crazy) event involves teams of two swimming and running between and across the islands in 9 swim sections and 10 run sections - a total of 7.5km swimming and 37.5km running - carrying everything they need with them as they go:

Paul is racing with Matti Tordsson, a coach from Sweden who's 8 year old daughter is critically ill with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. You can read more about Stina's journey at which has seen her subjected to intense chemotherapy, resulting in no less than five strokes and a coma when her body rejected the treatment. It's been simply awful but Stina is a tough little cookie and has been pulling through:

Watch out for Paul's race report next week but in the meantime please support them by making a donation to:  (if your Swedish is not what it once was, follow this short video clip:

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Announcing New SS Coaches In Chicago, Dubai, Belgium, Netherlands & UK

New HUUB Kickpant:
Worldwide free shipping ends June 17th

SS Clinics and Camps:

Swim Smooth are very proud to announce that five more Swim Smooth Coaches have completed their extensive training and have just become certified!

Each is an expert in advanced video analysis and stroke correction, and offers you a choice of squad and coached sessions, whatever your level of swimming:

Stacee Seay, Chicago, USA:

Stacee is a USAT, USAC and Swim Smooth Certified Coach who lives, works and trains in the Chicagoland area. She has a lifetime of experience as an athlete and has been coaching competitive and recreational athletes since 2008.

Her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology gives her a unique understanding of the human body and how to adapt workload and training stress to get the best out of each individual athlete she trains around the world. She has coached all levels from children, youth and adults. Many of these athletes have become Elite National and World Champions in the sport of triathlon.

Merle Traviste, Dubai, UAE:

Under the desert sun Merle runs an endurance and triathlon swim squad, video analysis & private coaching, an improving beginners program and giving advice to anyone interested in improving their open water and triathlon swimming.

She is a true believer that coaching the athlete and not the stroke is the best way to get results. Dubai has an amazing environment and facilities that allow athletes to train year round, making it an age group athletes dream!

Merle is excited to introduce Swim Smooth to the growing triathlon community in the Middle East to ensure athletes have access to quality swim coaching to compliment the facilities available.

Rob Kwaaitaal, Nijmegen, Netherlands: /

Rob started his triathlon career in 1985 at the age of 15. Over the years he participated in hundreds of triathlons, bike-races, running events, open water and pool based swim races. As a triathlete Rob Kwaaitaal won multiple Dutch Championships at the Masters division (Olympic Distance and Sprint) and still competes at elite level in draft legal short course races in The Netherlands.

Rob likes to pass on the knowledge and experience he has gained in over thirty years of endurance sports to other athletes. The mission of is to teach swimmers and triathletes to swim quickly and easily.

Filip Rigole, Zwevegem, Belgium:

Filip has been active in triathlon since the early 90’s, first as an active triathlete and since 2000 as coach.

In 2013 Filip founded, offering personal and online coaching for athletes all over the world.

It was on a Belgian coaching course that he first came across Swim Smooth and quickly found that this is the right approach if you want to improve your swimming.

Filip runs squads, video analysis and stroke correction sessions in Kuurne and Harelbeke.

Jason Tait, Swindon / Cotswolds, UK:

Jason has always been passionate about swimming and has always swum for either competition, fun or fitness. Jason had his first taste of coaching and teaching after his children were born, teaching them to swim at an early age and getting the bug of helping others achieve in the water.

He then went on to take his coaching and teaching exams, coaching at club level and then becoming one of the South West Regions only ASA and STA fully qualified Open Water Specialist coaches, also serving as an Open Water Coach for Wiltshire ASA and a local swimming club.

The range of athletes Jason coaches in both pool and open water is extensive from total beginner to Ironman athletes and channel swimmers, and from 8 year old kids through to 70 year old veterans.

For full information on all our other Swim Smooth coaches see:

If you are interested in training to become a Swim Smooth coach yourself visit:

Swim Smooth!