Thursday, May 12, 2016

You (Yes You!) Can Now Join Our Perth Squads

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Guru says: After training, see the
benefits in 7-10 days you shall.
Last week was a big week at Swim Smooth with the launch of our new virtual swim coach - The Swim Smooth Guru - thanks to everyone who subscribed and thanks for all the positive feedback, posts, tweets and comments!

The Guru has been a huge success so far, in fact since the launch a week ago, users have logged 870 sessions swimming over 2170km in the process. Loving your work guys!

There's a new feature in the Guru which we didn't make too much noise over last week but could be fantastic for your own swimming. We call it the Virtual Squad and it means that you can now swim the exact same sessions swum by the Swim Smooth squads in Perth, Western Australia just a few hours earlier!

Here's Paul Newsome's Virtual Squad introduction:

Twice a week Paul will be posting "live" squad sessions from Claremont Pool into the Guru along with video shot during the session itself, including Paul's key coaching points for the session and feedback / tips from the swimmers themselves. Tackle the sessions yourself and share how you got on with other users in the comments section - it's a lot of fun!

The sessions include general technique sessions to work on all aspects of your stroke, CSS sessions suitable for any level of swimmer to improve your swim fitness and a challenging Red Mist session for those experienced swimmers to get their teeth into:

The Virtual Squad is available in the PRO version of the Guru (which you can trial for a month with a Standard subscription for just £1.99 / US$2.99 / AU$3.99 per month). Make your next session a Perth Squad Session! Signup here:

Current users visit the squad directly here:

Full Training Plans Too

Of course the Virtual Squad is only one training option within the Guru, the other being to follow one of the 16 detailed training plans each aimed at a particular level of swimmer and race distance from super-sprint triathlon right up to swimming the English Channel(!) :

There's also training plans for building up to swim your first mile, pure pool swimming and even a selection of short lunch time sessions for you.

Plus don't forget the inspirational Learn To Swim Program - available in the standard version of the Guru:

Swim Smooth!

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