Friday, May 06, 2016

Houston We Have Lift Off: The Swim Smooth Guru Is Live!

The whole Swim Smooth team is today very proud to announce version 2 of the Swim Smooth Coaching System: The Swim Smooth Guru!

The Guru is our Virtual Coach, offering you all of Swim Smooth's coaching direct to your computer, tablet or phone and now subscriptions start at just £1.99 / US$2.99 / AU$3.99 a month! :

For more information and to sign-up, visit:

Whether you're learning to swim, improving your stroke technique, training for triathlon or competing for medals, the Guru will take your swimming to the next level. Containing all of Swim Smooth's coaching knowledge in one easy to use system, the Guru is accessible to you anywhere, any time and on any internet connected device.

The Guru is not just a catchy name! As your virtual-coach
he guides you through the system improving your stroke
technique, training and open-water skills, step by step.
Check out our videos and content immediately
before you hop in for a swim. And log details
of your session immediately after you've finished.

A Big Upgrade Packed With New Features

For version 2 of the SS Coaching System, we decided to rename the system "The Guru" to reflect the intelligent nature of how it works and give the system a little bit more identity. Version 2 is a significant upgrade in nearly every department, offering everything from version 1 plus a whole host of new features:

A complete over-haul of the interface to make the system easier to use, particularly on smart phones.
The introduction of much more intelligence into the system - for instance the sophisticated 'Goal Setter'. Tell the guru about your key race or goal and he will lay out a swim-by-swim plan to take you from now until the big day.
The introduction of two price points. The standard version costs just £1.99 / US$2.99 / AU$3.99 a month offering you all of our essential coaching content including all of our drills, elite swimmers, stroke fault fixers and our inspiring Learn To Swim Program.

The extensive PRO version includes all of our training plans, The Virtual Squad, Swim Type system, goal setting engine, Catch Masterclass and training analysis tools!
A brand new version of the Swim Smooth Learn To Swim Program. Can't swim a lap? Not for much longer! Let the Guru inspire you and show you how to become the swimmer you always wanted to be.
Extensive new training logging and analysis features, letting you see your swim fitness developing and how to keep moving things forwards. And if you're a Training Peaks user, we calculate an accurate sTSS score for every swim workout.
As mentioned last week on the blog, we've included the introduction of CSS tweaking, a brilliant way of tracking and developing your swim fitness.
New training plans for pool only swimming and open water events of less than 5K, 5K and 10K distances.
The inclusion of the Swim Smooth Blog so you can read posts and follow links to Guru content without leaving the system.

Get stuck in ahead of your mates and rivals today at:

Swim Smooth!

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