Friday, February 12, 2016

The Power Of Training In A Group

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Thanks to everyone whole commented, tweeted, emailed and facebook'd about last week's blog: How Difficult Can It Be To Spend A Little Time In Your Own Head

To inspire you as to what's possible (and the power of training in a group) we've just released a couple of short videos to Youtube from the Swim Smooth squads in Perth.

The first is a time lapse of a 5km Red Mist session, sped up 30x to last just 2.5 minutes:

Filmed earlier this week, you can see a group of Swim Smooth Certified Coaches in training on the pool deck. Also keep an eye out for the Smooths turning up late and chatting before finally jumping in. In total the group of 43 swimmers completes over 200km (125 miles) during the clip!

Our second clip is one of our favourite super-slow-motion shots showing Sally, Suzi and Cyndy in the middle of a Red Mist set. Suzi's little pat of appreciation on Sally and Cyndy's shoulder is a powerful bit of camaraderie which at normal speed would be easily overlooked:

Training hard can make the world of difference to your swimming but is physically and mentally challenging, could training in a group make all the difference for you too?

Swim Smooth!

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