Friday, June 05, 2015

*Mega* Megan Is Back!

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Newsflash: We've just made the following updates to the Swim Smooth Coaching System:

- Added Paul Newsome's video analysis of elite triathlete Rachel Joyce (2011 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Champion & 2nd Place IM Hawaii).
- Added Paul Newsome's video analysis of Terenzo Bozzone (2008 Ironman 70.3 World Champion).
- Added 20m pool option for beeper settings.
- As previously announced, added a brand new Brownlee Tri Sprint Training Plan - perfect for beginners swimming an open water triathlon for the first time.
- Improved webapp responsiveness on touch devices.

If you haven't checked out the system yet, signup for your free trial here:

*Mega* Megan Is Back!

Perhaps our most popular ever blog post here on Feel For The Water was our case study of Megan Surrette, an open water swimmer from here in Perth. From 2012 to 2014 Megan reduced her threshold swimming speed from 2:12 to 1:32 /100m - a HUGE improvement that justifiably earned her the nickname Mega Megan!

If you missed it the first time around, see how she made such a staggering improvement on the original blog post here and in her video review on Youtube here.

So that was a year ago... what's she been up to since? As well as swimming the 13km Northumberland Strait in Canada (one of only two last year to achieve the feat without a wetsuit), she's been developing a very nice 2-beat leg kick technique to further improve her stroke efficiency. As she says on the video below, Megan achieved this using our two-beat kicking tutorial on the SS Coaching System.

You can watch SS Head Coach Paul Newsome taking Megan through her latest video analysis session and see that 2-beat kick in action. The recording is packed with tips for any level of swimmer:

Video Index:

0:25 Arm Recovery
1:30 Straight Arm Pull-Through
6:00 Leg Kick Comparison
8:00 Great 2-Beat Leg Kick
16:15 Good Alignment
17:55 Swimming Down A Narrow Corridor
25:25 Summary
30:26 After Stroke Correction

Swim Smooth!

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