Friday, May 15, 2015

Hire A HUUB Wetsuit This Season!

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Need a comfortable and fast wetsuit to swim open water races or triathlon this season? Look no further, Swim Smooth are pleased to announce our new wetsuit hire scheme.

Naturally, we are only hiring HUUB wetsuits, the fastest and most comfortable suits on the market! Each HUUB suit is designed with extensive swimming knowledge and input from Swim Smooth to give you optimum performance in open water.

If you haven't worn a specialist swimming wetsuit before, the difference versus a normal watersports (e.g. surfing) wetsuit will feel astounding. Far more flexible and cut to allow free range of movement for the freestyle stroke, you won't believe how easier (and warmer) it feels to swim in a HUUB wetsuit.

Hire charges start at £###* for a ### period with hire option of ### ### ### weeks. What's more we'll use our specialist swimming knowledge to help you select the right model and size for you.

Visit our website here for full information: Wetsuit Hire

Swim Smooth!

* All suits are distributed from the UK. Deposit and postal charges apply.

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