Friday, February 20, 2015

Go Crazy: Try The Swim Smooth Coaching System Totally For Free!

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / Camps:

Dubai Video Analysis
March 2015

Full information here

New Forrest Clinic
Full information here

Dorset Clinic March 7th
Full information here

West Lothian
Video Analysis

Full information here

Prague Junior Swim Club
Full information here

Richmond SS Squad
Full information here and here

Acton Video Analysis
Full information here

Swim/Tri Camps Alicante
All year round
Full information: here

Richmond/Wimbledon Workshops
Full information here

Salisbury 1to1 Analysis
Full information here

Ringwood SS Squad
Full information here

Twickenham Video Analysis
Full information here

Lancaster SS Squad
Full information here

Lancaster Video
Analysis Consultations

Full information here

Go crazy! We've just introduced a 48 Hour Free Trial of our amazing new "Virtual Coach" called the The Swim Smooth Coaching System:
This clever Web-app features all of Swim Smooth's drills, elite swimmers, stroke correction methods, training plans and open water skills - everything you need to take your swimming to the next level. What's more you can use it on any smart phone, tablet or computer with internet access.

We've designed the system to be intelligent, tailoring its coaching advice and training sessions for your ability level and individual stroke needs. It also tracks your progress and suggests exactly what you need to be working on at any given time in your development as a swimmer.

It's a truly next-generation coaching product! But don't take our word for it, start your free trial and begin improving your swimming today: (no voucher code required)

Set Yourself A 14 Week Challenge!

If you are in the northern hemisphere then you have about 14 weeks to go before the main summer triathlon and open water events season starts. This is the perfect length of time to get really motivated and focused on improving your swimming.

Below is an overview of how to use the SS Coaching System to take some large strides forwards in the water over the next 14 weeks. In fact as you use the system it will lead you through this process step-by-step and session-by-session:

(click on an area of the diagram above to visit that section of the coaching system).

Stroke technique and coaching advice is offered based on your Swim Type, so is perfect for your individual needs.

There are 11 extensive training plans to further improve your technique and prepare you perfectly for your chosen event or challenge:

Whether you're a beginner completing you first lengths of freestyle, an intermediate triathlete working their way up the field or an advanced swimmer looking to dominate, the SS Coaching System pitches things perfectly for your needs.

Start your free trial today and discover how this amazing on-line 'Virtual Coach' can make your swimming dreams a reality.

Swim Smooth!

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