Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Ultimately Secret To Improving Your Swimming?

Everything you need to transform your swimming:

The New SS Coaching System

Dorset Clinic March 7th
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Dubai Video Analysis Dec 2014
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Dubai/Richmond/Wimbledon Workshops
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Salisbury 1to1 Analysis
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Salisbury SS Squad
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Twickenham Video Analysis
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Lancaster SS Squad
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Lancaster Video
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What's the ultimate secret to improving your swimming? You know, it could be you just need to try to enjoy it more!

Contrast these two short video clips.

Jackson, aged 5:

Stephen, aged 45 #check#:

Who is more likely to improve their swimming significantly in the future?

If like Stephen you don't enjoy swimming, take a leaf out of Jackson's book. Take the pressure off yourself, simply enjoy the experience of being in the water and start playing around a bit. You'll be down the pool (or jumping in the ocean) more often, you'll be more relaxed and start to feel things you never noticed before.

Have fun. Think less. Do more. Then the improvements will start to come.

Swim Smooth!

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