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Announcing: The All New Swim Smooth Coaching System!

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Nothing happens if you do not first dream it… This was our dream, we hope you like it.

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Swim Smooth are very proud to announce the launch of our new Swim Smooth Coaching System, available to use wherever you are on any phone, tablet or computer:

Featuring over 20 hours of brand new Swim Smooth video and over 300 training sessions to follow, this webapp replaces all of our DVDs, written training plans and stroke correction guides, bringing our whole coaching system together into one place. Whatever your level of swimming, it's your complete swim coaching solution!

As you'd expect from Swim Smooth, the system is incredibly comprehensive but it's also extremely easy to use, cleverly configuring itself to your level of swimming and individual Swim Type. It informs and inspires you, then gives you simple step-by-step instructions to follow to take big strides forwards with your swimming.

You can see a tour of the key features below but don't delay in signing up - we have a special introductory offer on the coaching system ending on December 22nd.

Discover the Swim Smooth Coaching System at:

The Swim Smooth Coaching System Tour

The Coaching System dashboard is the hub of everything you do in the web-app, providing the gateway to all of our coaching content and allowing you to track your development. You can also set race targets here and see quick links to your favourite videos and training sessions:

Of course improving your stroke technique is a key part of becoming a faster more efficient swimmer and the coaching system majors in this area our full Swim Type development processes to develop your whole stroke and our Fault-Fixers to correct a specific stroke flaw you want to work on:

Each process is presented as simple step by step instructions to follow and tick off, linking in coaching videos, including just the right visualisations and drills to focus just on what you need to do.

In total the system contains over 25 hours of unique Swim Smooth video, including over 20 hours which has never been released before, all shot in incredible HD. Collating this much high quality footage has been a real labour of love over the last 2 years!

As you'd expect the entire Swim Smooth Drill set is here:

Each drill can be viewed from up to 7 unique angles to get a real three dimensional appreciation of every position together with in-depth voice-over tutorials and summary points:

Of course we also have an extensive Open Water Skills section, explaining how to make you a faster and more effective swimmer in the great outdoors. We have skills, methods and practise sessions aplenty:

A huge feature of the Coaching System are the included training plans. There are 12 complete plans to choose from, preparing you perfectly for any challenge from your first mile swim right through Sprint, Olympic, Half and Full Ironman triathlons:

Of course, all the drills and visualisations are fully integrated into the training sessions:

You can print out any session to take poolside, or if you're a coach slip your device into a waterproof housing for instant access to everything.

Oh and if you fancy a real challenge we've also included our extensive new guide to Marathon and Channel Swimming written by our very own Manhattan Island Marathon Swim Champion Paul Newsome!

An innovative feature of the coaching system is that we've integrated the use of Tempo Trainer Pros within the training sessions. In the MyCSS section first take the CSS test and get a full analysis of your results:

Your resultant CSS pace is then used throughout the app, giving you the perfect pace you need to swim in every session for maximum benefit. In fact we tell you exactly what to enter into the Tempo Trainer Pro every time (in true dummies-guide style!) :

In total there are over 300 sessions in the webapp covering all levels of ability from beginner to elite competitor. There's an extensive session library too, so if you're a coach looking for a CSS session for your squad or a swimmer looking for a technique session, it's all there for you:

Over the last two years we've been busy expanding our archive of elite swimmers we've filmed and there are 15 elite swimmers included here in total, each with our analysis of their stroke technique. Here's Double Olympic Champion Rebecca Adlington in action showing us her incredible stroke:

We filmed each elite swimmer up-close and from every conceivable angle to give you amazing insight into why they are so quick through the water. As well as Rebecca the set includes the world’s fastest triathlon Swimmer Richard Varga, Olympian Jono Van Hazel (aka Mr Smooth himself), World Triathlon Champion Tim Don and 7 Times Marathon Swimming Champion Shelley Taylor Smith.

Our award winning Catch Masterclass program is also included (previously available on DVD) which has already helping thousands of swimmers to improve their catch and propulsive technique:

The system is the ultimate resource for clubs and coaches too. In fact if you tell the system you are a coach it provides you with a bespoke dashboard layout to more quickly access essential coaching tools such as the Swim Smooth drill set, our elite swimmer footage and your collection of favourites:

For clubs looking to use the system we have a range of group licenses available to give access to all of your coaches (see the bottom of the page here). If you can't see exactly what you are looking for then send us an email to and we'll get right back to you.

Last but not least we should point out that the Swim Smooth is a coaching system you can trust. We were selected to write the swim coaching curriculum for British Triathlon, Triathlon England, The ASA (Open Water) and International Triathlon Union.

#will also add BTF & ASA logos in here#

The Swim Smooth Coaching System gives you direct access to an expanded version of the material used by these governing bodies to help you develop even further as a swimmer or coach.

For more information and to signup for the Swim Smooth Coaching System see:

Swim Smooth!

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