Friday, January 31, 2014

Now Is The Time To Become A HUUBster

As you look ahead to the approaching race season it's important to choose the wetsuit that will be the fastest and most comfortable for your individual stroke. This is very much part of our coaching philosophy to recognise that everyone's needs are different and you need an individual approach to reach your potential in the water.

If you love Swim Smooth coaching, you'll adore the HUUB range of wetsuits and swimskins. That's because we worked with HUUB to design each suit to match a type of swimmer and actually improve your stroke technique as you swim in it. Slip into the right suit for you and you'll be amazed how much faster (and more comfortably) you swim in your shiny new neoprene wonder!

Join Their Success: The Brownlee Brothers, Frederik Van Lierde, Dave Scott, Jenson Button, Caroline Steffen, Richard Varga, Cassie Patten, Rasmus Henning and Richard Murray have all chosen HUUB!

Read our full guide on selecting the right suit for you and order with confidence today:

The HUUB range is in stock in our UK distribution centre and ready and waiting to be sent out to you wherever you are in the world. And remember if you live outside the European Union, you save on the 20% sales tax too - awesome!

If you're not sure about the right suit (or size) for you then just send us an email to, tell us about your swimming and what you feel is holding you back and we'll give you the advice you need right away.

And you can take advantage of our free-exchange-shipping offer - if you do need to change the size of your suit, we'll send out your replacement size to you free of charge, wherever you are in the world.

Swim HUUB!

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