Friday, November 01, 2013

Tumble Turns With Fiona Ford

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Here at Swim Smooth we get a lot of requests for instruction and tips on developing your tumble turns.

You'll be glad to hear we have a full SS production on tumbling in the pipeline but you don't have to wait - Swim Smooth Coach Fiona Ford has just created a great two minute Youtube tutorial on tuning up your tumble turns here:

Unless you're a competition pool swimmer it's not essential to learn to tumble but it's a lot of fun and a great skill to learn. Of course, when you master it you can save a lot of time and it helps you train with slightly faster swimmers if you can turn faster than them.

Fiona's based in Richmond, London and runs full Swim Smooth Video Analysis consultations and squad training suitable for all levels of ability:

All Swim Smooth coaches are hand picked from our extensive coach education work across the globe and we train them extensively to bring you the very highest level of coaching available anywhere in the world. Book a session with your nearest coach today and discover what they can do for your swimming:

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