Thursday, October 03, 2013

Elite Swimmer Visualisation: Don't Start Too Near The Surface

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Below is a series of video stills taken from a selection of elite swimmers right at the very front of their stroke as they commence the catch:

2x Olympic Gold Medallist Rebecca Adlington:

Our original Mr Smooth Jono Van Hazel:

2x Australian 10km Champion Rhys Mainstone:

2x Commonwealth Gold Medallist Ross Davenport:

Elite Junior Triathlete Sky Draper:

Elite Triathlete Guy Crawford:

Looking at the position of their lead forearm and hand, notice how similar they all are and how uncomplicated the position is. The elbow is just above the wrist and the wrist above the fingertips:

Notice also the depth of their arm and hand. The arm isn't right up at the surface as many swimmers believe it should be, it's actually quite deep around 30-40cm (12-16"). Trying to catch the water near the surface shows the palm forwards and drops the elbow, really damaging the catch. We call this position "putting on the brakes" as it not only harms the catch but kills stroke rhythm too.

The next time you swim, picture the position and depth of our elite swimmers' lead arm and feel the extra propulsion and rhythm you gain in your stroke.

Swim Smooth!

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