Friday, July 26, 2013

Are You Truly Addressing What Is Holding You Back?

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On last week's blog Working Hard: More Mental Skill than Mental Toughness we discussed how the mental skills required to train and race to your potential can be learned and perfected rather than being something that only 'tough-guy' elite athletes can do.

This prompted some really interesting discussion on the comments section of the post from people who'd tried working a little harder and reaching a little higher as a direct result of the post. We also received some great thoughts from more experienced athletes sharing their experiences and suggestions of how to enter that state of flow known as 'the zone'. Thanks to all of you who posted comments - please keep them coming!

Honest answers to difficult questions unlocks great results
These mental skills are 'in the moment' of a race or training session but what about the choices you need to make in the months and years before a big race so that you put in a lifetime best performance?

Since Paul Newsome won the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim on 8th June we've had a lot of emails asking for more information on Paul’s 'swimming journey' towards this win, particularly in the light of having a full time job and young family to care for. How did he manage to perform so well and beat all the young full time professional swimmers?

Paul’s written up his own heart-felt answers to these questions in this fascinating new article. Enjoy! :

Swim Smooth!

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