Thursday, June 13, 2013

Announcing The New Womens HUUB Axena Wetsuit

The new HUUB Axena, extensively tested
(and modelled) by Caroline Steffen
Over the last six months, using Swim Smooth's expertise in stroke mechanics, we've been working with HUUB wetsuits to develop a special suit specifically for women with low lying legs in the water. Today we are very proud to announce the result, new HUUB Axena! :

The Axena is in many respects a sister suit to the award winning men's Archimedes (as chosen by the Brownlee brothers) - a top end suit that is faster and more efficient than anything else on the market. We've been working closely with powerful triathlon world champion Caroline Steffen to develop and extensively test the suit before releasing it to you today.

Many strong female athletes have excellent levels of performance on the bike and run but struggle with their body position whilst swimming, meaning their athletic potential is lost in the water. If this is you, check out the Axena, you won't believe the performance improvement you gain from the suit's unique buoyancy profile designed to pull your legs strongly up towards the surface.

However, it's not only the buoyancy profile that brings the speed, like all HUUB wetsuits it's packed with features to improve your race performances, including:

• X-O Skeleton for improved body alignment in the water.
• NBR X-O Skeleton for added buoyancy
• Bicep release specially developed by Swim Smooth to enable a high elbow catch under the water, even as you fatigue when swimming hard.
• Arm Crossover Alignment for correct positioning and reduced snaking / fish tailing in the water
• Calf Release for improved kick, propulsion and blood circulation through the lower leg (if you suffer from calf or foot cramp in your wetsuit this is a must-have feature)
• Break-away zipper for faster transitions
• Special ultra-flexible lining material
• Neoprene flexibility, thickness and stretch combination unmatched in the wetsuit market.

We now have limited Axena in stock and ready to ship at Swim Smooth HQ. Order one now and give your race season an incredible start:

Important note: For women who already have a high body position in the water, choose the HUUB Aura instead, it has a lower buoyancy profile that is more balanced from top to bottom. You'll find it fast and very comfortable, without creating that unbalanced and restricted feeling that most women's suits on the market give you - perfect!

Swim Smooth!

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