Friday, February 22, 2013

The Triathlon Show In London & HUUBalicious Signings!

##Coaches, no room for the side column this week but next week we will be announcing the new guys and highlighting what you all do as the main feature of the post. Adam##

Three pieces of news for you today:


##Firstly, A certain HUUB announcement to go here##

For more information on the HUUB wetsuit range see our swim shop:

We're Coming Stateside

Secondly, for our US readers who get frustrated by our European / Australia announcements, we're planning a trip state-side in June this year - more details to follow soon. Paul and Adam will be kicking off in New York after Paul Newsome takes on the mighty 46km Manhattan Island swim - let's hope he's got some energy left to coach afterwards!

The Triathlon Show March 1-3rd

Kicking off a week today, Swim Smooth will be at the Triathlon Show (formerly TCR) at Sandown Park, London. Paul is flying in from Australia and will be joined by Adam Young and many of the other Swim Smooth Coaches from around the UK.

We're sharing a stand with HUUB wetsuits - come and say hi and bring a video clip of your stroke along on a pen drive and we'll give you an analysis of your stroke to take away. Of course, we'll also have all our DVDs, training plans and the new Swim Smooth book for you to check out on the stand.

Bring along some footage and we'll
analyse your stroke live at the show!
Make sure you try on one of the fantastic HUUB wetsuits and discover why #### chose HUUB over any other wetsuit on the market.

Paul and Adam will also be giving two presentations at the show :

Stroke Technique & Efficient Swimming, Saturday March 2nd 10:00am in The Triathlon Show Theatre
Featuring our unique HD footage of elite swimmers, Swim Smooth take a close look at why great swimmers and triathletes are so quick and how to make the same changes in your own stroke.

Transforming Your Open Water Swimming, Sunday March 3rd 12:15pm in The 220 Triathlon Live Seminar Theatre
Worried about open water swimming or struggling to transfer your pool performances across to the open water? We take a close look at why that is and how to get much much better at it. Includes new footage from our elite group in Perth showing you how it's done and sometimes getting it wrong themselves!

Both of our seminars played to packed auditoriums last year so get there early to get a seat.

Go Rotto!

Last but not least, the 23rd Rottnest Channel Swim takes place tomorrow in Perth - good luck to all the competitors! The weather forecast isn't that great - tough it out and keep focused on your rhythm if it is lumpy out there. Follow Paul Newsome's twitter for live news from the event @SwimSmoothPaul or use the hashtag #rottoswim

Paul's in great swim shape and is taking on the 21km solo swim himself. :)

Swim Smooth!

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