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March Coach-Ed Course & Possible Clinics In Ireland

Upcoming Swim Smooth Clinics / One to One Consultations:

Salisbury SS Squad Places
Full information here

New Loughborough SS Squad
Full information here

Richmond & Wimbledon UK, Sunday Workshops
Full information here

Acton UK, Video
Analysis Consultations

Full information here

New Forrest / S'mpton, UK
Jan / Feb / Mar Clinics
Full information here

Loughborough, UK
March / April Clinics
Full information here

Tri/Swim Clinic Alicante April Full information: here

Swim Clinics Alicante
May / June
Full information: here

Tri/Swim Camp Mallorca
28th April - 5th May
Full information: here

Swim Camp Mallorca
28th July - 4th August
Full information: here

For more info on SS Certified Coaches see here
Paul Newsome and Adam Young are in the UK in March. The main purpose of the trip is our Coach Education duties for British Triathlon but we will have time for some other events around that:

Loughborough Coach Education Course And Swim Clinic

We only have time on the trip for one Coach Education course at Loughborough University on March 8-10th. If you would like to join us please apply here.

We'll also be running a single swim clinic in Loughborough on Sunday March 10th. We know, it's crazy just running one but that's all we have time for and it will fill up in a flash, so if you can make it, don't hesitate to purchase a place here.

Demand is so high in the UK for our coaching services we can't possibly meet it by travelling over from Australia. That's why we hand picked the best coaches in the country and intensively trained them in Perth so they can offer you video analysis consultations and clinics year round. For more information see the column on the right or visit their homepage here.

Ireland Clinics?

One thing we haven't done for a very long time is visit Ireland and we're well over due a trip to see you guys. If you're interested in attending a clinic either in the Dublin or Belfast areas in the first half of March then please email us at, let us know your phone number and which location you'd prefer. Unfortunately any clinics we run will have to be on a weekday so please take that into account.

Also, if you have a suitable pool for us to use for the clinics in either the Belfast or Dublin areas we'd love to hear from you. We need access to a good meeting room and 3x 25m lanes from approx 9-10am, 2-3:30pm and 5-6pm. We'll pick up all the hire fees of course. Again:

The Triathlon Show / TCR

We'll also be at the The Triathlon Show (TCR) in March - come and see us again there. We'll remind you nearer the time but if you have footage of yourself then bring it on a memory stick to get our input on your stroke.

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