Friday, January 04, 2013

Free Worldwide Shipping For A Limited Period On All Our DVDs & Training Plans

SPECIAL OFFER: Until the 12th January we're shipping all of our DVDs, Training Plans And HUUB wetsuits anywhere in the world for free. We very rarely run any sort of promotion like this so don't miss out on making your 2013 a smooth year of swimming!

Order now from our webshop and your free shipping will be automatically applied. All products are dispatched from the UK using its speedy postal system.

Unfortunately we can't extend free shipping to our new book - at 1 kg (2.2 lb) the shipping costs are too high and the margin too narrow for us to absorb... So we're running half-price shipping on it instead. :)

Included products:

Huub WetsuitsThe HUUB Wetsuit Range

The result of obsessive research and development, the HUUB range has been tailored by Swim Smooth to different types of swimmer. Select the right suit for you and swim faster and more comfortably than you have ever done before.

Free shipping until 12th January. Buy here

Learn To Swim ProgramSwim Smooth's Learn To Swim Program

Can't swim freestyle at all? Get the hang of the stroke and conquer breathing with our inspirational 10-Step Learn To Swim Program!

Free shipping until 12th January. Buy here

Catch MasterclassSwim Smooth's Catch Masterclass

For intermediate and advanced swimmers who have worked on their stroke technique but hit a performance ceiling they can't break through - until now! Features incredible hi-def footage of elite swimmers.

Free shipping until 12th January. Buy here

DVD BoxsetSwim Smooth's DVD Boxset

The gold standard Stroke Correction DVD program on the market. For those who can swim freestyle - no matter how badly - but need to improve their stroke technique.

Free shipping until 12th January. Buy here

Training PlansSwim Smooth's Waterproof Training Plans

These training plans are fully waterproof and designed to be taken poolside to follow as you swim. Written to get your swimming into top shape for Olympic Distance triathlon, Half Ironman and Ironman races but can be used by any swimmer lacking a little focus in their swim sessions and looking to improve. Three plan levels, one for every level of abililty.

Free shipping until 12th January. Buy here

Swim Smooth Book Swim Smooth Our New Book

Improving your swimming lends itself to video but it's amazing how useful and inspiring this book is. We packed in much more detail, background information and fascinating stories than we could ever get into a DVD. Read all the 5-star reviews here.

Half price shipping until 12th January. Buy here

Or if you are in the UK, why not book up for a video analysis and stroke correction consultation with a Swim Smooth coach? These special sessions take around 90 minutes and are the ultimate way to improve your stroke technique:

Martin Hill in Yeovil
Julian Nagi in Acton, London
Fiona Ford in Richmond, London
Steve Casson in Northampton
Steve Bailey in Salisbury

Wishing you a very happy New Year and a fantastic 2013.

Swim Smooth!

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