Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visualise A Fantastic Streamline Position

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We love a good visualisation at Swim Smooth. Here's double Olympic Gold medallist Rebecca Adlington showing us her fantastic streamline position off the wall. She's on her side as she's just tumbled and is performing the half-twist out :

* click on the image to show full size *

If you are a triathlete or open water swimmer it's tempting to be lazy with your torpedo push-off technique but this is still an important skill to practise, even though you won't use this position when racing in open water. Follow the tips on the image and remember:

- A good streamline reminds you to stretch through your core on the beginning of each lap, a feeling you should maintain as you break-out into your full freestyle stroke.

- This position gives your upper back and shoulders a mini stretch on every push-off which develops and maintains your flexibility.

 - The speed you will gain in the pool allows you to train with swimmers who would otherwise be a little bit quicker than you.

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So that only leaves us to thank you for following Swim Smooth this year and wish you a fantastic festive break! Here's a message from Paul and the crew from the pool deck in Perth this morning :

#this will be changed to friday morning image#

Merry Christmas and Swim Smooth!

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