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A Better Wetsuit Design For Women

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Most women's triathlon and open water swimming wetsuits are simply men's suits cut to the female form, which we think is a pretty underwhelming approach to their design. With the new Huub Aura suit we started from a clean sheet up paper and designed a bespoke suit for women that is getting rave reviews from all the girls that have tested it (e.g. here).

Most women feel unbalanced in their wetsuit which is caused by too much buoyancy in the hips and legs, lifting them out of the water at the rear and leaving them bobbing around like a cork with very little stability. This happens because women are much more buoyant than men as a rule and this buoyancy is distributed differently around the body, with more in the hips and legs.

Many women also like to use their kick when they swim and being too high at the rear means they start to kick into the air, which is very ineffective and disconcerting.

A third difference is that girls find wetsuits more restricting around the shoulders than men and suffer to a far greater extent from shoulder fatigue than their male counterparts.

What's the solution? We sat down with the new team at Huub with a blank sheet of paper and designed a special low buoyancy suit that is ultra flexible, particularly in the upper back and shoulders. We named it the 'Aura' and it is incredibly effective for women who have a naturally high body position in the water.

One additional benefit of this design is that the thinner neoprene creates a suit that is much easier to put on and get off, and because it is thinner it doesn't make your legs look like tree trunks!

Girls, when selected a new wetsuit choose carefully and find a suit that matches your natural buoyancy and body position in the water. Make sure you take a good look at the new Huub Aura - more information about it is on the Huub website and brochure. For men reading this, if you are in the opposite situation and have sinky legs then check out the 3:5 profile Huub suits - you will never have experienced leg-lift like it. Huub is all about individual suits for individual swimmers and all the suits go on sale in April.

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