Friday, February 24, 2012

HUUB: Stunning New Wetsuits, Designed By Swim Smooth

The team liked Professor Toussaint's first name so much, we stole it for the company! :

(Huub means 'bright mind' in Dutch - the perfect embodiment of this vibrant new design partnership)
A sneak peak of the new suits:

Swim Smooth testing and development in Perth, Australia:

Testing and analysis at the hi-tech InnoSportNL facility in Eindhoven:

It makes sense when you think about it doesn't it? Wetsuits should be designed by people who really understand stroke technique and what is holding swimmers back. Coaches who understand how wetsuits should be tailored to different stroke styles to really optimise the swimmer's performance.

Shouldn't they also be designed by the world's leading sports scientist studying swimming and hydrodynamics? A man who has worked with Olympic Gold medallists to study and select speed suits designs that have dominated the last few Olympiads? Suits so fast they had to be banned!

This would be quite a combination, especially when their crazy ideas are diligently interpreted and implemented by a man with twenty two years of experience in the triathlon and wetsuit industry.

Introducing HUUB Wetsuits

Enter industry stalwart Dean Jackson (formerly of Blue Seventy, Orca and Quintana Roo) who realised this dream combination, assembling this unique design team including world leading swim coaches Swim Smooth and internationally renowned sports scientist Professor Huub Toussaint. The mission was simple: develop the fastest wetsuits imaginable, not just for top elite swimmers but suits that are devastatingly quick for age groupers too.

Working with Dean and Huub we redesigned the standard wetsuit from scratch, each new suit design focusing on a particular group of swimmers and their individual stroke characteristics. Be they leg sinkers, strong kickers, female or male, open water specialists or even overgliders - we developed a wetsuit perfectly complimenting and improving on that stroke style.

Each group of swimmers has unique needs and stroke issues that can assisted and even corrected by their wetsuit. This is why these new suits are so fast: thanks to Prof Toussaint they are super-slippery through the water and thanks to Swim Smooth they fit your individual stroke style like a glove and actively improve your technique as you swim!

Don't Miss Out

Want to know more? If you can come down to the Triathlon Show in London next weekend, we'll be there sharing a stand with Huub. Say hi and we'll show you round the suits, explain the unique features of each and how they will improve your open water performances. If you can't be at the show then make sure you sign up to get Huub's launch announcement instead with full details of each unique suit design:

The suits go on sale in the UK and USA in April and the new Huub website will have Swim Smooth's full guide to selecting your suit based on your stroke style. If you already know your Swim Type then this will be very easy indeed!

Over the last six months we’ve had trouble containing our enthusiasm for these suits whilst working on them: We're extremely excited about their potential to improve your swimming performances in 2012, make sure you check them out!

Swim Smooth!

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