Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Most Important Walk In Swimming?

It might be as little as ten meters but the walk from the changing rooms to the pool can really define your swimming.

If you've been learning freestyle or working on improving your stroke then you should feel proud of yourself. Most people in the world can't swim and many in the western world do absolutely no exercise at all. You may not be the fastest swimmer in the world but that's absolutely fine thank you - so start walking out onto the pool deck tall and proud. Like your mum used to say: "head up, shoulders back, chest forwards!"

Adopting some positive body language and being confident in what you're doing will make a real difference when you start swimming. For one thing it will improve the positivity and rhythm in your stroke, which can only be good for your technique. And, if you can carry forward that shoulders back posture into your stroke you'll start to 'Swim Proud' which is great for your alignment in the water.

Swim Smooth!

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