Friday, April 01, 2011

Sorry! We Hope Our Free Worldwide Shipping Offer Eases Your Frustration

** Coaches - still time to apply for our Coach Education Courses in Loughborough and Stirling here **

Wow! After the announcement on the blog last week, demand for our May 2011 UK Clinic Series has once again been overwhelming with all the clinics filling up in just a few hours and over a hundred people sitting on the waiting lists. We've received a flood of frustrated emails from people that missed out and countless requests from around the world - particularly the US and Canada - for us to visit your shores as soon as possible. We've replied to you all by email but for everyone else, please accept a big apology from us, we know it's very frustrating missing out.

We've had a team meeting here in Perth and decided that the least we could do for you is run a special period of free-worldwide shipping on all our coaching DVDs and Waterproof Training Plans. That way your swimming will still experience a sprinkling of Swim Smooth magic this season!

To receive your free shipping, order from our website as normal and select your shipping destination in the cart, it will show at zero cost:

Here's our quick guide on each of the products included in this special offer:

Training PlansSwim Smooth's Waterproof Training Plans
35 Session Training Plans for any swimmer looking to develop their stroke technique and swimming fitness.
These training plans are fully waterproof and designed to be taken poolside to follow as you swim. We wrote them to focus on getting your swimming into top shape for Olympic Distance triathlon, Half Ironman and Ironman races but can be used by any swimmer lacking a little focus in their swim sessions and looking to improve. Three plan levels, one for every abililty.

Catch MasterclassSwim Smooth's Catch Masterclass - Our Amazing New DVD!
For those swimmers who have worked on their stroke technique but hit a performance ceiling they can't break through - until now!
Developing a good catch technique and feel for the water is extremely elusive for most swimmers but is the key to improving your speed and efficiency in the water. In this detailed coaching program we show you exactly how elite swimmers develop efficient and powerful propulsion, and how to make these changes in your stroke too. Features footage of incredible clarity from our new Hi-Def filming rig.

DVD BoxsetSwim Smooth's DVD Boxset - Clean Up Your Stroke!
For those who can swim freestyle - no matter how badly - but need to improve their stroke technique.
The gold standard Stroke Correction DVD program on the market. Three discs to improve all aspects of your stroke including breathing, body position, rotation, kicking technique, hand entry, arm recovery and catch and pull. The second DVD contains everything you need to prepare for open water including techniques and strategies for starts, turns, drafting, pacing, sighting and swim exits. Features footage of Olympic Gold Medallist Bill Kirby and includes a full training program to follow in the pool.

Learn To Swim ProgramSwim Smooth's Learn To Swim Program
Can't swim freestyle at all? Get off on the right foot with our inspiration Learn To Swim Program.
Swim Smooth's Learn To Swim Program is DVD based and built around a simple to follow 10 Step process. The 10 steps start by getting you used to the water and show you how to become comfortable swimming (and breathing!) when face down. We build up the stroke step by step, helping you get the feel and timing of it. Includes waterproof session cards to take to the pool and follow.

Swim Smooth!

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