Friday, December 31, 2010


Swim Smooth are today very proud to announce our new coaching DVD: Catch Masterclass. Two years in the making, Catch Masterclass is packed with all of Swim Smooth's insightful video, drills, visualisations and techniques to improve your propulsive power and efficiency.

The catch phase of the freestyle stroke is very elusive for most swimmers. If you don't fully understand how to generate good propulsion from this critical phase of the stroke, or you need to take your swimming to the next level, then this DVD is for you.

catch masterclass
nice bathers Mel!

Many swimmers focus on reducing their drag in the water and whilst this is very important, if you compromise your propulsion in doing so you will soon hit a plateau or even become slower. Don't let this happen to you - use Catch Masterclass to develop your propulsive technique and become a much faster, more efficient swimmer as a result.

In the DVD we clearly explain what a great catch technique looks like and show you three champion swimmers employing the same great catch mechanics within their individual stroke style. After explaining where you might have gone wrong up until now, we give you all the methods, drills and visualisations for introducing a great catch technique to your own stroke.

The Catch Masterclass is suitable for any swimmer or triathlete who can swim freestyle. Find out more and view the trailer: here

Special offer: Until the 10th January we're shipping this DVD (and also our DVD Boxset) anywhere in the world for free!

Paul Newsome takes you through the Catch Masterclass.
jono van hazel
Discover Jono's super-smooth secrets.
Instant pop-ups help make demonstrations real.
Shelley Taylor Smith - still the best.
new drills
New drills.
paul and lisa
Putting the Masterclass into practise yourself.
doggy paddle
Clearly understand the key focus of each drill.
Warning: DVD may contain images of extremely bright swimsuits.
Understand how Jono swims sub-50 seconds for 100m.
unco rhythm
Advanced level drills to perfect your rhythm and timing.
Avoiding common pitfalls.
Different stroke styles, same great catch mechanics.
Dryland conditioning.
Every angle covered leaving no question unanswered.
challenge stadium
Sorry, swimming pool not included.

Swim Smooth!

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