Friday, October 29, 2010

Fascinating Hi-Def Video: Wetsuits and Body Position

Swim Smooth's new partnership with Blue Seventy wetsuit is already bearing fruit with this fascinating piece of video footage. We borrowed Blue Seventy Pro Triathlete Scott Neyedli to do some filming with our high-def filming rig here in Perth and assess the effect of his wetsuit and speedsuit on his body position (and against the stopwatch). Watch the video here.

The benefit to Scott's body position is clearly visible in the hip region and you can see at the end of the lap how much faster Scott swims in his Helix wetsuit and PZ3 speedsuit.

As a Pro Triathlete, Scott has pretty good body position even without his suit. If you know your legs drop low in the water when you swim then you should choose your wetsuit carefully to get your legs as high as possible. We've been testing the new Blue Seventy Axis suit - which is specifically designed to help swimmers with sinky legs. The Axis' ability to raise the legs high is amazing and we'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone with 'sinky leg syndrome'.


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