Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dropped Wrists And Heroes

A quick video clip of our Scull#1 drill to watch this week:

45 seconds highlighting the problem with dropping your wrists which we discussed last week. Doing so in your stroke adds a lot of drag, and as we see in the case of the drill above, it pushes you backwards!

Also, two updates on interviews from earlier this year. If you want to be seriously inspired, check out:

Brad Hosking and 31 other US and Aussie firefighters completed their amazing Tour Of Duty Run Across America finishing in New York on September 11th. Check out the amazing scenes in this photo gallery.
(our original interview with Brad is here)

Mark Scanlon successfully completed his English Channel crossing in a storming 9½ hours in August. Read Mark's full report here - check out how smooth conditions weren't in those pictures!

Amazing work guys - and big big congratulations from us.

Swim Smooth!

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