Thursday, June 17, 2010

Your Swimming Will Never Be The Same Again: Announcing SWIM TYPES

Swim Smooth are proud to announce a brand new way of looking at your swimming individuality in a system called 'Swim Types'. Through our work with thousands of swimmers we've identified six distinct styles, or types, of freestyle stroke. Take a look at our new microsite and discover your type:
picture of swim types together
After identifying your Swim Type we then provide you with a straightforward process to follow to improve your efficiency and speed through the water. The Swim Type system doesn't replace conventional swim coaching, it complements it by providing you with additional insight into how you swim and what's holding you back in the water.

Many people are frustrated with their swimming. If you have worked hard on your stroke but are no faster than when you started it's very likely you've worked on the wrong things for your individual gender, height, build, stroke style and personality. The Swim Types system addresses this with a much more individual approach to stroke correction.

Also, many swimmers are confused and are thinking about too many things when they swim. The Swim Type approach cuts through that clutter, getting you focused solely on what you need to do for your individual stroke, allowing you to forget everything else.

Discover your Swim Type on Swim Smooth's new microsite:

A request from us: If the one-size-fits-all approach hasn't improved your swimming, or has left you on a plateau, then please spread the word that there is a better way. Everyone is capable of swimming quickly and efficiently with an individual approach and style. Recognise your individuality and you too can make rapid progess with your swimming.

Swim Smooth!

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