Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wetronomes Are Back In Stock (Finally)

We're sorry, we know it's been a while but finally we have Wetronomes in stock again! This funky little tool is in such high demand the manufacturers have been struggling to make enough of them. We've secured a stock of 200 - be quick before they sell out!

What do they do? Simple really, in Stroke-Rate Mode the Wetronome beeps a regular stroke timing to you at any desired stroke rate (e.g. 60 strokes - or beeps - per minute). Pop it under your swim cap or goggle strap and simply time your hand entry to the beep. In this way you can slow your stroke slightly to work on lengthening out or increase your stroke rate slightly to work on removing deadspots and pauses.

In the new Lap-Interval Mode, the Wetronome sets a lap pace for you. If you want to swim at 1:40 per 100m, you program in 25 seconds per beep. Then simply pace your swim so the Wetronome beeps as you reach each 25m point, giving you perfect pacing. This works in any length of pool, be it yards or meters.

Why is pacing important? Most amateur swimmers and triathletes have very poor pacing. By improving your pacing skills you'll swim faster and your training will be of a higher quality. Great pacing skills are a little known secret of elite swimmers - 'pacing' isn't a very sexy word but don't let that fool you.

The Wetronome lets you take control of your swimming. Find out more:

Gossip: British Swimming own 60 Wetronomes and Australian Swimming own 30 Wetronomes which they use for training their elite swimming squads. Watch this space for an interview with British Swimming we hope to secure soon.

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