Monday, January 04, 2010

Eight Weeks Of Focus On Your Swimming

Are you a triathlete frustrated that your swimming isn't where you want it to be? Perhaps you have hit a ceiling and can’t get any faster? Now the northern hemisphere is firmly in the off season, why not :

- Set aside eight weeks
- Reduce your bike and run training
- Focus on your swimming

training pair
Rather than pulling your body three ways with swim, bike and run training, give it a clear message – I want to be a better swimmer. Eight weeks is a nice period, long enough to make significant improvements but short enough to keep focused and not go stale. When you return to all-round triathlon training you’ll maintain the swimming gains you've made for the race season.

If you do this (we think you should), we have two quick tips for you:

- Swim Smooth believe in swimmers balancing stroke technique work and fitness training to make the biggest improvements. We strongly recommend you focus on both critical aspects of your swimming during the 8 weeks.

- Make sure every swimming session has a clear focus and structure. This will motivate you and provide a real purpose to what you are doing. Sitting down for five minutes ahead of each session and carefully planning it will pay dividends during the session. Even better, give your plan real perspective by designing a whole week's swimming sets ahead of time.

Blatant plug: Our beautifully conceived Waterproof Training Plans provide you with eight to eleven weeks of optimal training and technique work:


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