Monday, November 23, 2009

Swim Smooth UK Clinics: January 2010

Swim Smooth are excited to announce four UK clinics in Windsor and Manchester in January. If you are a swimmer or triathlete looking to improve your speed and efficiency in the water, book your place now:

A Swim Smooth clinic is a full day of focused development of your individual stroke technique with Swim Smooth coaches Paul Newsome and Adam Young, including:

- Detailed video footage of your stroke above and below the water which you will take away with you on DVD.

- A full detailed analysis of your stroke by Head Coach Paul Newsome. You'll come away with a clear understanding of what's currently holding you back and exactly what you need to do to improve your swimming speed and efficiency.

- Unique interactive classroom sessions that explain the fundamentals of the freestyle stroke, exactly why common problems occur and how to fix them. We'll cross reference this to your own stroke and in doing so explain how to adapt your individual technique for best performance in open water.

- How to develop a swimming program to suit your needs and how to get the most out of your pool time.

- Two practical swimming sessions focusing on developing your stroke. Paul and Adam will show you exactly how to fix the problem areas of your technique and under our guidance try out all the drills, methods and visualisations you need to take away with you and continue to work on.

- A mini squad session showing you how to implement our unique technique methods into a 'normal' training session.

The clinics are suitable for any ability of swimmer who can swim 200m of freestyle continuously from beginner up to advanced level. Each clinic is strictly limited to 12 swimmers to ensure you get lots of individual attention to your stroke needs.

Demand is expected to be very high - don't delay in booking your place:

Hope to meet you in January.


Swim Smooth!

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