Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Do You Own A Waterproof MP3 Player?

Swim Smooth are pleased to announce a new product to improve your swimming:

Stroke Rate and Pacing Test Tracks For Your Waterproof MP3 Player!

These special audio tracks beep stroke rate and lap-intervals to you on any waterproof MP3 player. Using the first set of "Stroke Rate" tracks, simply time your arm stroke to the beep of the track - improving your rhythm and timing. This lets you find that sweet spot in your stroke - having you swimming faster and more economically.
Use the second set of "Lap-Interval" tracks to improve your pace judgement, improving the effectiveness of your training and boosting your race speed. Deceptively simple, this second set beeps every 25m or 33m so you can pace your swimming perfectly. You'll be surprised how bad your pacing currently is and how much room you have for improvement!
We call these 'Test Tracks' as they allow you to thoroughly test out the functions of the specialist Wetronome tool at a much lower price. Due to the size limitations of MP3 players, it is not possible to reproduce the Wetronome completely (the number and length of tracks required would be huge). Everyone purchasing the tracks is provided with a Wetronome discount voucher to their full value. Think of it as 'try before you buy'!
Find out more about the tracks and how to purchase here: http://www.swimsmooth.com/mp3
Swim Smooth!

#nadia - this is yours to check if you have time!#

#paul, i'm planning to put through a test purchase on the company pp account before sending this out.#

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