Friday, June 20, 2008

Blog Sessions put "on hold" till August!

Dear All
Owing to our July series of Swim Smooth Clinics across the UK, we will not be posting any further Blog Swim Sessions until August 5th 2008. However, don't panic! If you have a copy of the Swim Smooth DVD and 8 Week Training Program, we'd suggest you complete the following swim sessions in this order:
From Wednesday 25th June and then every Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday thereafter:
  1. Session 5
  2. Session 6
  3. Session 13
  4. Session 19
  5. Session 7
  6. Session 22
  7. Session 23
  8. Paolo's Swim
  9. Session 2
  10. Session 13
  11. Session 15
  12. Session 16
  13. Session 10
  14. Session 4
If you haven't got a copy of the Swim Smooth DVD Boxset, you can order yours here today:

Session 75, 76 and 77

Its been a busy week over here in Perth - so apologies for the delay in listing these sessions!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Session # 72

Tuesday 10th June:
Unfortunately the board was so wet from the rain last night that we are unable to post a snap-shot of today's session, however, this is what we did:
W/UP: 4, 5 or 600m steady f/s focus on a relaxed, steady exhale in the you are humming.
FINS: 2 or 3 x 200m as 2 x (50m drill + 50m f/s). Set 1 = 6/1/6, Set 2 = 4/1/4, Set 3 = 2/1/2 + 15s rest. As the set progresses the amount of time you spend kicking on the side decreases, giving you less chance to think about swimming "proud" with your shoulders back and chest forward (basic scapular retraction). Doing this prompts you to become more efficient at doing this more readily.
NEXT: 4, 5 or 600 steady f/s breathing every 3 for 50m then every 5 for 50m.
PULL: 4, 5 or 6 x 100m on 1.45 or 2.00 or 2.15 with a pull buoy working on excellent body rotation.
THEN: 4, 5 or 600m f/s (again with fins) starting off with the first 50m as the "corpse kick" drill, then work on rotation through from the hips / core.
LASTLY: 4 x 50 at ~80% effort, aiming to hold good form on 60s.
CD: 200 easy.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Session # 71

A spicy little 'number' this morning - enjoy!
Take 20s rest between the fast 50s and really knock these out!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008